DMAA In Australia

It is common knowledge now that DMAA has been included in the banned list of substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). This is partly due to the fact that Australian athletes were tested positive for DMAA and hence were banned from their sports. Ever since then, DMAA has been shrouded in mystery with people wanting to know whether it’s still legal or no and whether there would be any problems concerning shipment and customs.

DMAA was found in many workout and diet supplements till of late. This is how the athletes unknowingly ingested it. WADA has even considered banning caffeine, but hasn’t done so yet. This may be due to caffeine being present in many drinks, which would lead to more than half the majority of athletes to be disqualified. The reason for DMAA being banned in Australia is that there have been some concerns regarding health risks posed by the same.  But despite these allegations, there is an alternative to DMAA that has been recently introduced in the market.

Many supplement companies tried coming up with alternatives to DMAA but fell quite short. Neuroshock, a supplement has been introduced in the market and is almost identical to DMAA in its effects. Its a bit more expensive than DMAA per dose, but has little to no crash when it wears off. Also, first time users have a longer lasting effect than DMAA. Neuroshock is pre-blended hence doesn’t need other ingredients to increase its effectiveness.


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