Benefits and Side Effects of Hordenine HCL


If you’re interested in bulking up, you have probably heard of all sorts of different supplements.  You obviously want to avoid those which are illegal, or dangerous, yet you would like to get some benefit as well, so where does this put you?  Thankfully, there are alternatives out there, such as taking a hordenine supplement.  Now, many of you probably haven’t heard of this compound, so let’s go back to the basics:  what is hordenine?

Is Hordenine a Dietary Supplement?

First off, have no fears, hordenine HCL is a natural supplement.  It is part of the alkaloid family of chemicals, and is known for its potent stimulant effects.  It has the potential to both enhance your workout through extra energy, and assist with fat burning through the natural simulative properties.  The extract itself typically comes from the roots of barley plants, while they are sprouting from their seeds.  It also can be found in the bitter orange plant, and several other plant families.

So, what are some of the benefits of using this powerful supplement?  Well, most of them are pretty obvious.  Firstly, the powerful stimulant effect has made it a great addition to bodybuilding routines.  It provides a relatively long lasting boost in the human body, reaching its peak a full ninety minutes after initially being ingested.  This dovetails with the length of many exercise and bodybuilding routines, making it a great choice to use.

There are additional benefits of hordenine to be had in terms of fat loss.  Studies have indicated that hordenine may increase metabolism, leading to the higher processing and reduction of fat.  This again is an obvious benefit; those who are looking to lose weight by increasing the amount of healthy exercise they engage in reap a double windfall.  They not only get the increased fat burning from the supplement, they also get the boost to their workout.


Hordenine Side Effects

There are some reported side effects however, and the supplement has not yet been widely studied.  Most of the side effects deal with the stimulatory effects of the compound.  Those with heart conditions should not use the compound, and you should always consult with your doctor before taking any supplement.